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We are board games design and development studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. Our focus is the creation of innovative games with unique graphics and imaginative stories.

We design. We play!

We are an enthusiastic group of game designers, illustrators and writers. Our goal is to bring you and your friends the best gaming experience.

From the Void s.r.o.
The company was founded by Jan Vaněček and Vladimír Holý in the beginning of 2016 in Prague.



Meet our team

Jan VaněčekPartner, Lead game designer


Although Honza's main task is the development of game mechanics, his most frequent comment on the games is: “Add more tentacles!”

Vladimír HolýPartner, Campaign manager


In each of his ancient dreadlocks there is an idea for a new boardgame or story. Besides that, Míra does not do much.

Hana NovotnáArt director


With approaching deadline the intensity of Hanka's work greatly increases, as well as her wine consumption.

Michal KocourekSenior illustrator


Beware, at first Michal will seduce you with his paintings and when you least expect it, he will brand you with some ink.

Roland HavranSenior illustrator


His sketchbook is an invaluable possesion from which he unleashes menacing monstrosities, as it was Necronomicon.


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Game Jam 06-2016

Game Jam 06-2016

Come to experiment creatively and create a board game.



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Announcement of Battle for Nethervein

Announcement of Battle for Nethervein

What is Battle for Nethervein?
Set in a dark fantasy world full of steampunk inventions and Lovecraftian horror, Battle for Nethervein is a modern board game inspired by MOBA computer game genre. The main feature is an action packed gameplay. Players divide into two teams fighting for either the Syndicate or the Swarm. During the game a player controls a hero, who gets stronger and gains new skills as the game goes on. A player's actions influence what happens on the battlefield. He can fight on the frontline and push it to the opposing tower. He can fulfill quests around the board to gain advantage. Or he can just go head to head with opposing heroes. The game focuses on smooth action game-play, utilizes simultaneous action selection and combat planning including bluffing and deception. It's for 4-6 players and takes 60-90 minutes.

Who is behind it?
The core team is the one that brought to life Shuffle Heroes, a card game published in 2015 ( The team expanded with the involvement of more illustrators, story writers and even an animator for a trailer.

When is it coming out?
There will be a Kickstarter campaign starting in June to promote the game. The game itself will be released in October during Essen Spiel 2016. Print and play version will also be released for our partners and reviewers in June. The official website can be found at

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Foundation of From the Void s.r.o.

Foundation of From the Void s.r.o.

The company was founded by Jan Vaněček and Vladimír Holý in the beginning of 2016 in Prague. Their goal is to design and publish innovative games with unique graphics and imaginative stories. From the Void team also includes graphic designer Hana Novotná and illustrators Michal Kocourek and Roland Havran. Together they all created Shuffle Heroes card game in 2015. Now under a new brand with white rabbit they are about to release Battle for Nethervein board game. According to their their motto “We design. We play!” it is clear that more games will come soon.

For more information visit the official company website or send an e-mail to

Download the press release.